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Hey! I'm Tara.

Equipping you to unwrap your gifts + find joy in the process of growing them into something beautiful

Are you a woman who craves slowing down but still wants to see growth in her life? Me too friend. 

I've learned that striving rarely leaves me feeling like I'm living well, that the real sustainability comes from the slow rhythms we create to live our lives beautifully.

Here's the thing: You can find slow rhythms and see growth, it’s not a choice between the two.

Let’s dig deep + get to the good stuff. Let’s plant seeds of change while enjoying the slow process of growing it into something beautiful. Lets unwrap your gifts and use them on purpose, gifts that give to today + leave legacy for tomorrow.

You can trust that your dreams are worth dreaming, that living in your gifts daily is the way to move towards them, its where you'll live well growing in the rhythms you create. Its going to be amazing.  Are you ready? Lets grow. 


My Journey


If we were meeting for the first time, I would want to know about your family. Then I would tell you that mine is made up of my husband + I, our 3 grown kiddos, a fiancé + our newest addition, our first grandbabe {there are lots of furry members too}. If we were getting to know one another I would want to know what makes your heart beat faster. Then I’d tell you that equipping women to unwrap their gifts + use them on purpose is something that does that for me.  I would ask you to get honest with yourself and tell me why you’re here. So let me go first. I am here because encouraging women like YOU is a gift. After 2 years of working with a life coach and recently being licensed through @goandtellgals I’ve recognized in myself the gifts that have sat unused or misplaced + I see it in so many others. 

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way, that there is room for mine, there is room for yours. Heading into my 49th  year I’ve learned that these years ahead can be a beautiful rhythm of living out my life today with a vision for my 80th year, that I can hold space to connect them and create the living legacy I want, the one I’ve always wished for but never stopped to consider how capable I actually am of creating it. Casting ribbons of belief rooted deep over my life. I want you to know the same. When you wake up in the morning, I want you to be so rooted in the belief that using your gifts offers far more to those who surround you than not using them does + how much freedom there is in it for you too. There is heart work to do but I believe together we are up to grow something amazing. Are you ready?

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