Many times, over the past 12 years I’ve wished for someone to come along who had a similar story to me. Someone who I could say “Yes, I get it, me too!”    I was looking for, that someone else who maybe was just introduced to this guy named Jesus after already living a life, that one who has learned so much + appreciates so much the guidance from her friends who have known him since they can remember but also felt a bit lonely in that room even though the room was welcoming. I think this can only make sense to someone new to the room + as I type the words it feels like a bit of a sprouting of something that was planted long ago, a bit of a letting go + an opening up to be her, fully.  I spent so much time wishing for that person that I stopped growing into being her. I’ve spent so much time looking for her that I forgot I am already her.

 I’m studying Galatians + I often feel ill equipped doing bible studies because I wasn’t “raised in the church” so I don’t feel I have the head knowledge or the verbiage to do well and I often feel like God speaks such a different message to me than He does someone else. I so often feel like I miss the connection between what’s in my heart with what is on the page of the study, words are hard guys. I simply want to hear from God + live where He leads and this study by Beth Moore has been such a gift in that.

Maybe that person I was looking for is someone, somebody else is looking for too, somedays we need to see it in someone else to see it in ourselves. Maybe that somebody needs permission today to be that person for her own dang self because she’s been planted to grow today, no more lying dormant. I think I too often say I live authentically but then fall back to wanting to fit in which honestly seems super weird to say at my age. That’s what Galatians is teaching me, I can stand firm in the confidence I have that God has equipped me, that he shows no partiality even if I need to remind myself 100 times a day. When a passion shows itself and it looks different from someone else’s who I admire, I’m accepting it as a true gift to live my life authentically. My garden doesn’t need to look like that gal who I admire on IG but I’ll cheer her on in her gifts {her garden is gorgeous} + learn all I can from her, my family doesn’t need to look like someone else’s {I wasted far to much energy on this in my younger years}  because heaven knows none of ours are perfect but I can celebrate the joys in the differences, how and what I hear from God doesn’t need to be or sound like someone elses {that is freedom for me} but I love listening to what God is speaking to others, you get the picture right?

Taking the confidence from my own control + placing it where it belongs reminds me to live a life moving towards God, that our voices have a place even when they maybe sound very different from others.  To use my voice to love others, to accept differences with grace, to stay the course + stand firmly yet gently where I’ve been planted.  If we are rooted in the gospel, we will surely bloom. We need to be that person we need because we have all we need to be her and when we finally surrender to that, well that’s going to so much fun to watch grow.




  1. Mom

    I love reading all your thoughts – you are so good at expressing yourself !

  2. Carolyn Carleton

    You are equipped and you are right where you need to be! I am enjoying watching you flourish.

  3. Rhonda Jury

    So good. So you. Honest + authentic. Your words are always a fresh breath for me to read. Thank you!


      YOU are a breath of fresh air to me always Rhonda! Thank you for your encouraging words!


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