Fall is my favorite, I like to refer to it as Autumn when I’m feeling fancy but none the less it just makes me happy. Pulling out cozy sweater, fall walks , {autumn} colors, even the fact that it gets dark earlier makes me happy {I go to bed early so its nice to not need the black out blind haha}. The other thing I love about fall is the smells! There is an earthy crispness to the breeze + I love to fill our home with smells that just make it feel cozy but also do the job of helping to keep us well both physically + emotionally.

Diffusing is a benefit to everyone who walks into my home. Everyone gets to breath in the oils diffusing + they get to experience the atmosphere I’m creating that day. ‘Sobremesa’ is a Spanish word, that refers to the time spent at the dinner table with loved ones after a meal, the Danish word ‘hygge’ embodies feelings of contentment or well-being often associated with your space of gathering. Whatever word you choose to use and whatever atmosphere you choose to create in your home diffusing is a great way to add to it! The feelings aromas can envoke + the flickering lights on your diffuser both add a sense of cozy calm to your home.

First I’ll share my top 5 Fall Diffuser Recipes because who likes a blog post that takes forever to get to the recipe? Then I’ll chat about the benefits of some of these oils!

Here we go:

Don’t those sound amazing? I promise I’ve diffused each one + am currently rotating through them all as we head into this new season! Now lets talk benefits….

Emotions are my favorite thing to talk about and we all have them so why not use oils to help us feel them, balance them + process them right? Oils like Cedarwood, NLBS {Northern Lights Black Spruce}, Frankincense + Vetiver {this is my go to for panic attacks} are all very grounding + balancing oils. Think of standing barefoot in a forest or even in your grass and letting the energy of nature wash over you, breath it in + absorb it. I can’t think of a better way to create that same sense of calm in my home than using oils made from some of the very best of nature!

If you know me you know I could chat emotions + oils all day but they have so many other benefits as well so lets dig in…

Thieves is a must here all year although it will get diffused much more now that the temps are changing. We love this oil to support our immune system + help keep us well. If you don’t know the story behind this blend here is the Legend of Thieves https://www.youngliving.com/blog/canada/the-legend-of-thieves/ kind of a fun read. Patchouli is one of those smells that just gives me cozy feelings, its used to clarify thoughts + if you want to use it topically, its amazing for preventing wrinkles + for chapped skin, perfect for a changing season! Grapefruit + Orange are uplifting and can aid in calming our racing thoughts. Nutmeg is amazing for fatigue, Clove can create a sense of protection, Cardamom is uplifting and Cassia is mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records dating from 16th century BC {that’s pretty cool}, it has a much milder cinnamon aroma than cinnamon bark and is my preferred choice. Lastly, you can never go wrong adding staples like Peppermint + Lavender to any other oils you choose to diffuse, Peppermint can help you focus while adding a quality of coziness, like a hot cup of peppermint tea while Lavender may also help with focus it can have a peaceful, calming affect too. Drop any of these amazing oils together and you will surely create something to bring that sense of cozy, calm to your home.

Which one will you diffuse first or do you have a fall favorite I didn’t mention? I’m always up for a new diffuser recipe!

Here’s to a wonderful, well fall {or are we feeling fancy and calling it Autumn?}




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