Finding our voice matters but using our voice along the way to the finding is part of the process. We don’t have to have it all figured out, I don’t believe we ever really will, what fun would that really be? Today I  got to absorb some wisdom on living our purpose and the importance of living in the gifts we’ve all been given from one of my mentors, Edie Wadsworth. Yes, you too have been given a special set of gifts, don’t try pretending you haven’t been, we need you to embrace them and use them.

What would happen if I showed up with my gifts today and you showed up with yours, and that gal next to you showed up with hers? I think it would be like a celebration every single day as we watch each others gifts keep on giving to one another.  Even through the hard stuff, loss + suffering we can see and use our gifts. We are capable of showing up on purpose in our purpose + that voice you have, it matters.

Instead of being who we think we need to be, lets be who we actually are. Know that having influence doesn’t mean a bazillion followers on social media, it doesn’t mean thousands of likes or even dozens of texts, heck as I sit here typing I wonder if anyone will even read this.  Your voice has influence because of who you were created to be, don’t ever think otherwise. I’m about to start a study on the Book of Galatians + as I was reading this morning something jumped out at me. {oh hey pause a second, even if Jesus isn’t your guy, stick with me here…I see you + trust me when I say he wasn’t always mine either, the before is still very fresh in my mind but once my heart knew my voice needed to align itself. There is no judgement here no matter where your faith lies xoxo}

Ok so, Paul didn’t concern him self with those of “influence” {Galatians 2:6} he had confidence in the gifts God gave him + he used them. The same God that gave me mine and you yours + that gal next to you hers. When he stepped into that realization, he changed lives, first of all his own because unlike many of us who hide from using them he just went for it. My gifts will be different than yours or Paul’s but the purpose is the same.

So if you are wondering what your gifts are, look back at your life {just for a minute} and see what passions you’ve had that have waned, what you’ve maybe shied away from sharing with the world, what you are really good at but just don’t do anymore. I’m here today to encourage you to use them, to grow in them, to give them new life. Step out in action and share who you are if not with the whole world would you at least share with me? I want to see your gifts + celebrate your bravery in using them.

Do you want me to go first? It’s a bit scary claiming them but here I go. I think we all need a little encouragement right now and I’m stepping into owning that gift, I’m a good encourager dang it {not perfect, I still mess this up}! I’ve learned the difference between being an encourager and spinning the positive + being an encourager is so much more authentic to me. I am a positive person but not every circumstance requires a rainbow + sunshine quote, sometimes it just needs a little bit of encouragement, maybe a different way to think about it {my girls loath when I do this fyi haha} or an ear just to listen. Need some today? I’m your gal! Next up, this is a fun one.  I’m also really good at taking what I have in my home and creating an authentic space, wouldn’t it be awesome if you made me cookies and I came over and helped you do the same thing? {Any kind of cookie is fine and a cup of coffee too please} Oh I could even bring you a plant baby to liven up your space. Gosh sharing gifts just got a lot more fun when I actually show up for it, think of the fun we will have when you show up too!

Ok it’s your turn….while you think on it for a hot second {but don’t overthink it} lets cheer each other on, hold each other up + love each other well as we journey along sharing the gift of who each of us truly has been created to be! Ready, set, go…….


  1. Lyndi

    Yes, Tara!!! This all has made me realize how much of my life (a lot of it) I have been living as my false self. Pulling back, hiding, being less of me, etc instead of showing up with the purpose God put inside of me and Living. It. Out. With passion, courage, unapologetically.

    Some of my gifts are encouraging and celebrating those around me. I love confetti. I also love creating and that was something I had stopped doing and am doing more of! I’m a great problem solver and good at seeing the best in situations and people. I have the gift of empathy.

    • Rhonda

      Yes, yes, yes! I listened to Dr. Edie’s replay this evening. Your words were just what I needed since her words were still fresh in my mind. THANK YOU!

      I’m bringing my gifts of encouragement + compassion to the party! It brings me joy to show love to others, to help that person feel that they are seen and matter. Hospitality- my welcome mat is out. It’s taken me years to really understand that people don’t want or need perfection (that will never happen anyway), instead a heart willing to listen, to feel loved and accepted. A place to linger longer and of course, a shared cup of coffee or tea makes all things better! And…let’s all bring cake!


        Next time we are all together we’ll be on a sugar high from all the cake 😂


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