There are so many opinions on wellness, for everyone you read you can find another to contradict it until you just shut it all off and grab a cookie. Oh wait, maybe that’s just me. I truly don’t think I understood wellness until I found myself in a state of being unwell. I didn’t do much to be proactive or give it much thought in my 20’s and 30’s and instead of looking back and wishing I had made better choices for my family and myself, choosing to live well today is a far more productive way to live what I’ve learned.

I definitely don’t do it all right but at 47 I think I’ve learned some valuable lessons. Lessons that probably go against some other opinions and I’m ok with that. No 2 stories are exactly alike and that’s what makes this my story + if there is one thing I will shout from the rooftops its that all our stories need to be told.

Seven years ago I sat in a Doctors office in tears because I was so unhappy, so easily annoyed, just in a constant state of irritation, most of it was directed at my husband who through no fault of his was the one on the receiving end of most of it. I don’t think words can do justice to how it really felt.  My Doctor told me that was normal + gave me a prescription. {let me pause here to say that I have 2 daughters on medication for various reasons including anxiety/depression so there is zero judgement on the path we all take, I am in full support of all of us taking ownership of our own wellness + doing the very best for each of us} So, I took the medication + felt the air around me shift, I could finally see the sun again, there was purpose in this for me. It took that fog lifting for me to really be able to dive in and research what might help outside of medication + I will forever be thankful for that Doctor, while I don’t think what I felt should be labeled as normal she did help me arrive at a better place to able to take my ownership of my own path.

I had heard a little bit about essential oils at the time + thought it was kind of hokey, how could plant juice help? Looking back, I would rephrase that to how could I think plant juice couldn’t help but we aren’t about looking back right?  The more I read and researched the more I found so many stories of success, stories that changed peoples lives from living in a state of unwell to living a well life. I wanted that so  I bought one bottle of oil, just one! Guess what? It worked, even when I thought it wouldn’t it did. To this day I will tell every woman I know what a life changer this was for me {I call it my marriage saver in a bottle}  + I believe anyone in  a place of struggle with there wellness can find their success story too, its truly why I do what I do.  We have the choice to change how we feel, both physically and emotionally. No matter our circumstances, its in our power, I fully believe that. Do you have to want it? Yes. Do you have to put the work in? Yes. Do you have to stay the course? Yes. It still takes work + consistency, I still use that oil everyday 7 years later.

Here's one of my favorite diffuser blends with my favorite oil....
5 drops of Clary Sage
4 drops of Bergamot
3 drops of Lavender
Diffuse the situation my friends! 

With everything in me I believe that because of that one bottle of oil my life is forever changed. The trajectory of my wellness + my families wellness has changed for the better. I now have a story in our family legacy of wellness, one that because of the changes I made will become the new normal for generations or at least that’s my hope.  

Have I even told you what that oil was? Haha sorry, its Clary Sage! If you’re a moody woman please get it! If you’re a moody man well we have an oil for you too, a moody teenager or preteen, yup one for you to, oh and that tantrum throwing toddler, we have you covered! Emotions are my jam + although we use oils for almost everything now, I always come back to the roots that got me here, Clary Sage. {I’m actually planting it in my garden for the first time this year}

There is no need to feel overwhelmed with choosing your wellness, it just takes one step, one decision to create a change. For me it took one bottle, just one! What will it take for you? Visit my link at the top of the page to join me or send me a message to chat more!


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